Sailing Dalmatian Islands and Coast from Dubrovnik – 6 day tour

Day: 1 - Arrival day - Sailing trip

Welcome to Croatia and Dubrovnik.
You will be welcomed at the airport of Dubrovnik with your name on the sign, and transferred to your boat location. Depending on your arrival time you may have some time to explore the area or sail away if everything fits. In the afternoon, you will meet your captain and get introduced to your boat and sailing schedule.

Day: 2 - Sailing to Koločep island and Ston

Today in the morning you will explore one of the Elaphiti islands in Dubrovnik Archipelago-Koločep.
It is only 2.4 square miles big, with approximately 100 people living on it during the whole year. There are no cars on Koločep, or as the local people call it Kalamota, and it is great for walking/hiking on it. We do recommend at least a short walk across the narrowest part of the island. Sandy beaches in Croatia are rare, and they are mostly pebbly, while Kalamota has two of them. This is why places like this are special for locals! Local secret: on this island, you will find a great little family-run restaurant that serves the best-grilled calamari you will find in Croatia! You might have swimming stops, snorkeling, and visiting Blue cave if preferred. After visiting the island you would go to Ston. Ston, one of the very rare 100% planned and built Croatian cities on the Croatian coast, know for -the longest fortified system in Europe, -oldest active salt plant on the whole Mediterranean, -and for a long tradition of growing oysters and muscles. We suggest visiting the old walls of Ston between big Veliki and Mali Ston.

Day: 3 - Sailing to Mljet island and national park

Today you will sail to the island and national park Mljet.
Island Mljet is often called the greenest Croatian island. According to legend, Mljet is the place where Calypso captured Ulysses in Greek mythology. Whether true or not, most of the names on the island are of Greek origin, and you can even visit Ulysses Cave. The western part of the island is a same-named National park -Mljet. The national park is known for its lakes inside of the island and a little islet of St.Maria in the biggest lake with the Benedictine monastery from the 12th century on it. You will visit the islet with a small boat, operated by the National Park. In 10 Minutes you can walk around the whole islet that's how small it is. The area around the lakes is great to walk or cycle around. The lakes are surrounded by beautiful green pine forests. There is always the possibility for swimming options, as lakes are always at least 2 Celsius warmer than the open Adriatic sea.

Day: 4 - Sailing to Korčula town and island

Today we continue with exploring Dalmatian islands.
Our sails will take us to Korčula. Korčula is one of the nicest south Croatian islands, and as the name stands for 2 things- Island Korčula and the town Korčula. Old town Korčula is on the UNESCO waiting list, and Croatia hopes to get another member on the world heritage list soon! The name itself derives from the Greek -Korkyra, which gives you an idea that this island was inhabited in B.C in Greek times and even before as in one of the settlements, Vela Luka, archeologists found proof of human presence alder than 7000 years. Korčula today is known for its beauty, hidden beaches, and authentic indigenous local white wines, Grk and Pošip. The Old Town Korčula is one of the finest examples of Venetian architecture on the Dalmatian coast, and most likely its the birthplace of Marko Polo, since it is known that the Polo family originates from this place. Small as it is, Korčula town is great for exploring by foot!

Day: 5 - Sailing to Lopud island and Dubrovnik

Our last day of sailing will take us again to Dubrovnik Archipelago, and one of the Elafiti islands -Lopud..
Our last day of sailing will take us again to Dubrovnik Archipelago, and one of the Elafiti islands -Lopud. Small as it is, with no cars on them they are the perfect crowd getaway Lopud is also a rare place on the Dalmatian coast.with real sandy beaches. Most of the coast is rocky and rugged, so places like this are highly appreciated in Croatia. The Lopud island once functioned as the summer residence for Dubrovnik’s nobility, while also being an important agricultural spot, but nowadays tourism became the focal point of the local economy. There is only one village on Lopud with the same name. Apart from leisure time on the boat, you can hike around the island on a beautiful loop hike from the seaside and above high cliffs to the inland of the island, fortress Španjola and back to the village! Interesting fact: Did you know that the highest palm trees on the whole Mediterranean age growing on this little island? After visiting the island you would go to your base port and have afternoon and evening to explore Dubrovnik. You will be introduced to a rich history of Dubrovnik on a guided tour if preferred, where you will be encouraged to ask any questions you might have about this fascinating place. We suggest walking the city walls, the second biggest in the world. At places, the wall is approximately 75 ft high, which makes it a great sightseeing point to take photos of beautiful scenery. With plenty of restaurants in the Old town area, this will be a great place for your last night in Croatia!

Day: 6 - Departure from Dubrovnik

Our last day of sailing will take us again to Dubrovnik Archipelago, and one of the Elafiti islands -Lopud..
Today is your departure day. Thank you very much for visiting Croatia, hope you had a nice time while exploring, Those who are staying extra time in Croatia will be given instructions according to their schedule. If someone would like to stay more in Dubrovnik on their own, we will be happy to help or assist in any way.

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Sailing Croatia

1Arrival DayDubrovnik - Sailing trip
2Sailing to Koločep and StonSton
3Sailing to Mljet island and national parkMljet
4Sailing to Korčula islandKorčula
5Sailing to Lopud island and DubrovnikPelješac
6Departure from Dubrovnik

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